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"I'm a CFO, dammit, not a miracle worker!"  Whether you've said this to yourself in the mirror or seen a colleague yelling it into her computer screen, your company is not unusual.  Your finance and HR departments serve everyone in the company - your board, CEO and every operational area.  Among other things, they manage:

  • sales contracts
  • financing deals
  • vendors
  • outside counsel and legal bills
  • licenses & registrations
  • collection issues
  • facilities & equipment financing
  • recruitment
  • compensation & benefits
  • compliance & reporting
  • insurance
  • planning
  • training, and
  • landlord tenant issues

It's a lot to handle. You can't delegate many of these responsibilities to non-professional staff.  Your only options for getting help seem out of reach: (1) add management headcount, or (2) outsource tasks to expensive law firms and consultants.

We offer an affordable solution for companies not quite ready to hire an in-house lawyer, but in need of supplemental leadership and G&A support. We help serve your Sales & Marketing and Customer Service teams, put out fires and allow your finance and HR executives to focus on strategic and long-term initiatives.  

Contact us to discuss how a Go-To Counsel® relationship can help you work better by day and sleep better at night.

You need a legal partner for

your finance and HR teams.