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Your team needs a contracts expert with a business background. A partner on the legal side who will help craft and negotiate sales contracts, licenses, strategic alliance agreements, contractor and vendor agreements, and whatever other agreements are needed.  A lawyer who's represented small and medium-size providers in negotiations with major institutional customers and partners.  We can help.

Whether you want to create a suite of templates from scratch or want a lawyer on-call to help your B2B sales team respond to customer's comments, we offer a smart alternative to adding headcount or paying high hourly legal fees.

When it comes to negotiating contracts, we've found it helpful to keep a few principles in mind.  See if you agree with these ideas:

  • The contract process is part of the customer experience. We want to delight the customer throughout the sales and negotiation process. That sometimes means the lawyer has to be the bad guy, but in the end it's our job to create win-win solutions and help resolve potential deal-breakers.
  • It's usually better to use your own form (if you have one), but an important customer may have a template or process of their own. Sometimes it makes sense to stand firm. Sometimes it doesn't. How we handle this threshold issue sets the tone for the negotiation. We need to be flexible and practical.
  • We aren't going to nit-pick or fight for terms that have no material value. However, we should have certain negotiation boundaries going in. Assuming you don't yet have a hand-shake on every essential term, knowing at what points you're willing to walk away is empowering. Conversely, it's dangerous to enter a negotiation thinking, "We need the deal at all costs and can never walk away." Make sure you know upfront where you draw the line on the key issues.​
  • Sometimes, a contract is never read again after the closing.  Some contracts are designed to be referred to frequently, to guide business conduct for years to come. In any case, it's everyone's job (not just the lawyer's) to think about the future - what could happen, what do you want to happen, if things don't go according to plan. It's usually wise to consider future risks now, than to sweep them under the rug in the interest of a swift close.

To discuss how a Go-To Counsel® relationship could help close the gaps in your contract process, contact us.

You want help with contracts, customers, partners - to close smart deals fast.

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