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Having an experienced business lawyer on-call for yourself and your team is not a luxury reserved for big-budget companies.

Nor is it a “necessary evil”.  It’s an affordable privilege that you deserve. 

Here are five reasons every company needs a Go-To Counsel® relationship:

1.    Your team will be better able to negotiate smart deals and reduce sales cycles. 

How? By having an experienced lawyer on-call to help your team craft practical, win-win contracts with customers and partners and tackle those “David & Goliath” situations. 

2.    You’ll be better positioned to grow quickly and maximize your enterprise value. 

How? By seeing that your product & service offerings, capital structure, contracts, technology and workforce are organized lawfully and consistently with your growth strategy. 
3.    You’ll be better prepared to manage risk and protect your assets.

How? By discerning the things that could go wrong, and minimizing those risks upfront. And by securing your rights against competitors, infringers and other threats to your business. 

4.    You won’t have to repeat yourself. 

Why not? You’ll have a reliable representative at your side who listens, communicates your message in clear business terms and translates legalese into English. 

5.    You’ll hear the truth. 

If your plans are legal but carry business or reputational risk nonetheless, your counsel should help you assess those risks. If you’ve embarked on a legal initiative that isn’t worthwhile, your counsel should tell you to save your money. If the emperor has no clothes, other outside lawyers may withhold their views. The Go-To Counsel® relationship is built on mutual trust. 

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