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Funding a growth company is not easy, as you know if you have obtained financing or are in talks with venture capital or private equity firms, banks or other investors.  Whether you're just starting the process or have closed one or more funding rounds, you and your team will need to answer a lot of questions from now on. 

You'll also need to keep in mind your obligations to investors and their control over certain business decisions. You want to be able to continue attracting talent and partners, to manage investments and allocate equity in the best interests of the company. The sooner you establish a Go-To Counsel® relationship to keep it all straight, the happier you and your investors will be. 

There are many qualified law firms that will paper a financing deal.  VC deals, for example, are relatively straight-forward. That's why firms often have junior or mid-level associates handle them for smaller clients.  But your business needs more than a deal lawyer.  For growing companies, it's smart to have a deeper relationship with experienced business counsel.

That's where we come in.

If you're looking at a funding deal now, we can help you manage due diligence, negotiations and documentation.  We can help you address concerns, such as terms that could hinder you from managing or growing your business.  We can do this one time, or as part of a broader Go-To Counsel® relationship. 

Your current funding deal is an important step, but it's just one part of a long journey.  Having an ongoing relationship with us means that, when opportunities arise to raise more money, sell a part of the business, form a new venture or go public, we will know your company inside-out and how to manage those opportunities most efficiently.  

Contact us to discuss your current financing and long-term plans.

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