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You have a feeling you're setting yourself up for trouble using a do-it-yourself online legal service.  You know your business needs an experienced attorney to properly structure relationships, protect assets and manage risk.   But you don't need full-time in-house legal support, and law firm partners seem too expensive or too busy to respond when you need them.  

Having an experienced business lawyer on-call for yourself and your team is not a luxury reserved for big-budget companies. Nor is it a “necessary evil”.  It’s an affordable privilege that you deserve. 


The remedy involves a series of steps:

  • Assess the type of legal work you have and how it should be allocated for cost effectiveness;
  • Give your team more tools, processes and training for them to operate lawfully and tackle ordinary legal issues in the course of their daily work;
  • Evaluate the cost-benefit of using us to manage legal affairs (it being understood you aren't going to spend big firm partner rates for the privilege); and
  • Provide support to your CFO/finance area to proactively manage outside counsel staffing, terms and rates.

You need to control legal costs

without sacrificing quality and attention.